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Child Root Canals

Pulp Therapy or Child Root Canals

The pulp of the tooth is the inner core of the tooth which contains nerves, blood vessels, tissue and cells. We use pulp therapy in pediatric dentistry to maintain the integrity of the tooth that has been affected so that the tooth is not lost.

There are several reasons that a tooth can require pulp therapy including cavities (dental caries) and traumatic injury. We also refer to pulp therapy as nerve treatment, a pulpectomy or a pulpotomy or a children’s root canal.

What Are Pulpotomies?

Pulpotomies are where we remove the diseased pulp tissue within what’s known as the crown portion of the tooth. We use a special material that calms the nerve that remains in the tooth and prevents any bacteria from growing.  The last step to this procedure typically includes crowning the affected tooth. Stainless steel are the most commonly used crown with children because of their durability.

A pulpectomy is necessary when the entire  pulp is affect, all the way into the root canal of the tooth. In this procedure we remove the infected pulp tissue from the crown and the root of the tooth. We then cleanse and disinfect the canals.  For primary teeth, we then fill with a resorbable material before the final restoration is placed. Permanent teeth get filled with a non-resorbable material.

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